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Author Topic: Kusano Yatogami [Unknown]  (Read 85 times)

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Kusano Yatogami [Unknown]
« on: January 02, 2021, 04:43:31 pm »

Name: Kusano Yatogami

Alias: Ku-chan, Green Girl

Date of Birth: March 06th, 2014

Age: 8

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Unknown - Powers have her switch between the secondary genders of Beta and Omega

Character's Scent:
Beta - Thyme & Pineapple Sage
Omega: Thyme & Guava

Sexuality: Pansexual

Race: Japanese

Species: Human

Hobbies: Making friends, Watching Cartoons, Playing Dress-Up, Collecting Stuffed Animals

Human Born Witch - Kusano is a witch from the Yokai Realm where witches are considered to be humans that can practice magic with no actual yokai form. She can cast various spells with the use of word commands, her hands, or a wand but because she wasn't born a monster, her physical stamina isn't high, especially with her only being a child currently.

Plant Magic - Kusano's magic centers around plants which she's able to grow at an accelerated rate and use to subdue people without having to harm them in the process. She can manipulate and animate plants and she can even use the roots of the plants to dig holes into the ground for easy escapes if she needs a much faster and quicker getaway. She is often seen carrying a potted plant so that she can use her powers at places without plants nearby. She's also able to control plants while they're still in their seed form. She can produce fruits and vegetables out of the plants that she grows using her magic too but they come out being larger than the average fruit/vegetable size. Kusano uses plants as a shield to protect herself from attacks and because they grow faster, they're harder to destroy. Her plant magic is unstable due to her inability in being able to control it properly and therefore whenever she cries, her magic works on its own, growing plants out of random areas around her. This usually happens when she's around people who are fighting/arguing.

  • Pheromone Control - Kusano can use her natural cuteness of being a child towards both men and women alike to get them to do what she wants through the use of pheromones but even without using them, it is hard for anyone to ignore a helpless and defenseless child.
  • Earth Mother - It would appear that Kusano's magic seems to have an effect of growth on actual life and those within the radius of the large wave of her magic that has died or near-death would automatically be revived, this includes plants as well. This power, however, is draining for her, and thus after she uses it, she loses consciousness and sleeps for a while to regain her strength. She has used this power three times which makes her a constant target in the Yokai Realm by powerful people.
  • Toxic Immunity - With her being able to manipulate plants through her magic, this ability also gives her immunity to all toxins, bacteria, and viruses. She can rid someone of any of the three deadly ones mentioned by sinking her fingernails into someone's sink to suck it out of their system like a magical vacuum. She would not be harmed but because she is a young and inexperienced magic user, this does weaken her temporarily.

Personality: Kusano is a friendly girl who likes to make friends and is sweet to anyone she comes into contact with, even if they may look a little scary to her. Her lively and energetic personality is what attracts people to want to spend time with her and play with her if she asks them to. While she doesn't see everyone as a new friend she can have in her life, she does make sure to be aware of her surroundings and not go up to strange people she doesn't know. But she will, in any case, give a person a chance if she believes them to be good. Like many children, she also likes to dress up in various types of outfits. She adores anything that makes her look cute and adorable even if it has animal ears and tails attached. She'll occasionally go cliche and dress up in witch costumes too. Kusano also likes watching cartoons and cute animals. She likes things that are cute, funny, and innocent. Kusano adores cute animals like dogs, cats, hamsters, etc but she only personally owns one pet which is a magical cat that was given to her as a birthday present by her parents.

Kusano's powers are a concern, especially when she cries as her emotions get the better of her and plants start growing out of every nook and cranny imaginable. However, it's only when she's frightened or upset. Being a child, she does cry easily and hates violence, and has a fear of people fighting and hurting one another. She witnessed her parents' death and ran away from the Yokai Realm to avoid being taken hostage by the people they worked for. She even managed to escape with two other children whom she befriended because she promised they would find someplace nice and safe to go. She is expected by Yokai Inc to grow to be a powerful child and because her power can accomplish such great feats they want to strip Kusano of her power or simply hold her prisoner and force her to use her powers. She calls them the "people in the white coats" and finds them to be scary. Like any child, she's also naive about a lot of various topics and will appear confused should anyone talk about anything she doesn't already know about. She can be a bit childish and devious when she wants to be, especially if she finds humor in her antics whereas others do not, and only towards people that she dares to stand up to that have done her wrong.

Occupation: ----

School: ----

Place of Living: Kusano is currently on the run from the people at Yokai Inc and is currently wandering the streets of Tokyo, Japan with two children that were born in the labs because she promised they would all find someplace safe to go together. At the moment, she resides nowhere until and her two friends are found and taken in by someone.

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Sekirei - Kusano Sekirei No. 108

Appearance: Kusano stands at the height of 3'6" with long yellow blonde hair and green eyes. When she lived with her parents, she used to wear a ribbon in her hair to keep it up but doesn't anymore and lets her hair hang down and grow out but keeps the ribbon as a memento from her mother. Having run away from the Yokai Realm to the Human World, she didn't pack any clothes with her, therefore, all Kusano wears is a light green dress with no sleeves and sandals on her feet. Kusano I & Kusano II

History: Kusano Yatogami was born as a resident of the Yokai Realm, which is a world of monsters that's separated from the human world by an invisible barrier. Kusano was not born a monster but a young human witch and in the Yokai Realm, witches are looked down on because they're considered to be human as they have no monster shifting form, yet they can practice powerful magic. Not only that, many monster species' despite witches in the same way they feel about humans. They had an academy for monsters to attend school and research facilities that were created for medical research. Creating medicines and even weapons for monsters. One research facility was named after the realm itself, Yokai Incorporated, or Yokai Inc for short.

Kusano's parents worked for Yokai Inc and it is also where she'd spent her time growing up. Her parents were researchers at the facility. Her mother Reina Ueno (Omega), had met fellow research Mutsu Yatogami (Beta) in the facility's greenhouse. It was here that Reina not only used natural growth supplements for the plants but her magic as well to ensure they would grow happy and healthy. Certain plants were used for specific experiments so it was important for the garden to have blooming plant life whenever the other researchers needed any. Reina never cared much for being social, finding the flowers in the greenhouse to be her children. This was because she'd been told at an early age in her life that she was an infertile Omega witch due to a hormone imbalance being the cause.

Reina felt a weight off her shoulders which her family found to be strange but in actuality, she was happy. That meant she wouldn't be obligated to find a mate and bear more children, thus she never sought out looking for one. Plus, being hated by other monster species didn't help either but she found solace in working at Yokai Inc, for she was able to put her magic to use and prove she was just as useful as any monster. As for her interactions with Mutsu, the two of them worked together in the greenhouse using the flowers to create potions and spells that would help rid poisons and various other toxins that the body would come into contact with. It would work on humans and monsters. But with monsters, it was different due to differing biologies. They had many failed attempts but they made some good ones that would be useful to the entire Yokai Realm. The facility itself especially found Reina to be useful and wanted nothing and no one to distract her from doing her work.

It was by chance she subconsciously began making small talk with Mutsu. But the more time they spent together, Reina became intrigued by Mutsu's powerful magics as his magic was light and energy-based and it helped the plants grow at an accelerated rate. She believed having an assistant would be a distraction but she took a liking to Mutsu. Their one night of intimacy wasn't planned either. They went out after work to get to know each other more as coworkers. As they talked, they came to discover that they had a lot more in common than they realized. Reina hoped for a world and a life where monsters and humans accepted one another but had long accepted the disdain hatred placed upon witches and other magic users. It was only at the facility she felt useful. Mutsu had this same dream as well but he admitted to after having graduated from Yokai Academy, he lived in the human world for a while and found it to be a beautiful place, and maybe someday he could show her the world where humans and monsters live together in peace.

She liked that idea and from that point on, they would occasionally hook up after work with each other. This leading to frequent unprotected sex between the two of them which would result in a surprise for Reina. She later found herself to be pregnant by Mutsu. Reina had no plans to settle down with a mate since she originally was told she'd be infertile. She saw that taking care of a child was no different than taking care of her plants. Mutsu also hadn't thought much about settling down and wanting to focus on his work but he did care about Reina and their child so instead of becoming official mates, they stayed together as a couple and their daughter Kusano was born nine months later. Reina was smitten with her daughter the moment she held her in her arms and she knew instantly she would be something special and powerful. She was allowed to be brought to the facility seeing as how other researchers have done so when they weren't able to find someone to watch their child for them. It wasn't much but Kusano was able to make a few friends with the other researcher's children. Though she wasn't fond of the facility itself.

Kusano did try to make friends outside of the facility with other monster children by showing them her magic since at the early age of one year old, she was able to use it, having inherited her mother's magic. Unfortunately, they weren't interested in that because they wanted to see her monster form instead. But she told them that she didn't have one and all she could do was magic. Those children were cruel with their words, calling her a filthy human. Reina and Mutsu expected this and so to take their daughter's mind off of it, they gave her a cat to play with. They felt bad that Kusano was unable to make friends with other monster children but had a strong belief it would change for her, the older she became. Plus, she was friends with the other researchers' children so she wasn't entirely alone. And on her fourth birthday, Kusano received a green ribbon from her mother that she could wear in her hair all the time. She loved it and loved her parents. Despite the circumstances, she was a happy child.

Her magic was even strong despite her age and the only time her parents showed concern for this is when Kusano's secondary gender presented. Without realizing it, the child had begun releasing her scent equivalent to that of an Omega and Beta at the same time. Medical professionals were already aware that something like this could happen for any child from a powerful family lineage. Therefore, her parents and the other researchers believed that it was because of the child's magic that she presented as two secondary genders instead of one. Kusano herself didn't understand any of what was going on. She just noticed that the people her parents worked with were paying a lot more attention to her than they normally would. They were having her perform tests, using her magic to grow plants which showed she could do so at an accelerated rate compared to both of her parents. Not to mention that any poisons or toxins from plants and other bacteria, she was unaffected by them. There'd been plenty of instances where Kusano had accidentally broken things and touched something that could've been fatal to her, yet it wasn't.

The facility board members found her to be a useful child and secretly began to plan to steal her from her parents. They'd also concluded there were other children by the researchers that worked under them that had the potential to be useful as well. They wickedly wanted to use them as test subjects as their "side project". They'd already been doing secret experiments on monsters and humans alike so it came as no surprise that the board members would turn on the very people who blindly worked for them and believing they were helping monster and humankind. That one fatal day had come where everyone would see the true intentions of the board members. Someone that sided with them had agreed to cause electrical fires on purpose in different areas of the building, creating panic and chaos to distract everyone while the board members would attempt to kidnap Kusano from her parents and other children as well. The board members of the facility were of different monsters types: werewolves, two different types of demon breeds, and dragons.

Reina and Mutsu tried their best to quell the fire but to no avail, it couldn't be put out. They instead focused on trying to evacuate everyone safely while realizing that the fire wasn't an accident, that it'd been done on purpose. Kusano of course was frightened but her father calmed her down and told her not to be scared. Even if they couldn't get out, he'd make sure she could and take any of the researchers' children with her. In the back of his mind, he had a feeling it had more to do with his daughter than them but he wanted them to get out safely and so he used his magic to give Kusano an item that would allow her and her friends to escape to the human world. Kusano didn't want to leave her parents but they both told her she couldn't stay and to be brave and safely get out. They were instantly killed right before their daughter's eyes, the real intention to make her powers to haywire to see just how strong she was. Her powers caused plants and roots to grow from everywhere throughout the building, destroying everything and knocking people unconscious.

She hated fighting, she hated what was happening and instead of fighting to kill them, she did as her parents told her and fled the scene with her pet cat and two of the children that hadn't gotten taken. She promised them that they would go to the human world, a place where everyone would be nice to them like her father had told her about. Once in the clear, she used the item her father had made for her, activating it opened a quick door that she used to get them all there instead of having to travel to the tunnels near Yokai Academy. Those tunnels were known for having a bus that came every three days to pick up anyone traveling to the human world but the item in question gave Kusano and the others a faster getaway instead. From that point on, she and the two children, (a boy and a girl), have been on the run from Yokai Inc. They were already aware of where the children had escaped to and sent out their people to retrieve them but each time they were evaded. Kusano and these two children are currently living on the streets of Tokyo. To survive, Kusano uses her powers to create fruits and vegetables to eat on so they wouldn't go hungry. Together, they use their powers to protect one another until they can find some place safe. Kusano intends to keep her promise to her two friends.

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Re: Kusano Yatogami [Unknown]
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2021, 05:09:19 pm »

Please be sure to update your claims and character list.





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