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Author Topic: Eri Hayase [Unknown]  (Read 110 times)

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Eri Hayase [Unknown]
« on: February 19, 2021, 05:52:04 pm »

Name: Eri Hayase

Alias: Eri-chan, Test Subject 109

Date of Birth: December 25th, 2014

Age: 8

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Unknown (presents as no secondary gender)

Character's Scent: Doesn't have a scent

Sexuality: Undetermined

Race: Japanese

Species: ¾ Human & ¼ Dragon

Hobbies: Because Eri was born in the Yokai Inc Facility, she wasn't able to know what it was like to have an interest in anything. The only time she felt what it was like to have fun is when she was allowed to interact with other children that were present, Kusano Yatogami and Akira Yaotome. Outside of the two of them who protected her gave her company and protected her, Eri doesn't have anything she likes doing since she truly never experienced being a child.

Dragon Abilities – Due to Eri having a more human physiology than a dragon aside from the small horn on her forehead where the source of her power is stored, she doesn't show any other dragon like traits outside of this. With thousands of tests performed on her, it has been stated that it's possible she could develop other abilities as she gets older but for the time being, the most notable power she has is the ability to reverse an individual's body back to its previous state. Meaning she could make someone physically younger, heal injuries, and undo body modifications. This power is so unstable because she hasn't been trained properly on how to use it that she can reverse someone's body to a point before they existed. All of this power is stored in the horn on her head and the size of the horn is what dictates the strength of her power when used. The power in her horn has to build up over a period of time before it can be used and the experiments done on her, this can be triggered for any usage the researchers at the facility need it for. With this power, she is considered a valuable asset as they hope to force any other abilities she may develop later to awaken sooner.

Personality: Eri was raised more by the researchers of the Yokai Inc Facility than she was by her parents. She was only allowed to be with her mother as a baby but once she became a year old, she was mostly in the care of the researchers. It wasn't so much care as it was her being experimented on to test her capabilities of presenting any dragon abilities they may find useful. Eri endured the painful testing no matter how much she cried and pleaded for them to stop. Upon discovering that she had the ability to make people disappear, the experiments on Eri grew more painful and frequent with each passing day.  Eri also lacks the inability of presenting as an Alpha, Beta, or Omega due to her powers and the capabilities they have. Meaning they may not only work on others but herself as well but in an unintentional factor of not having to deal with the extra biology that others deal with regularly. This also could have something to do with the experiments done on her that has disrupted this biological chemical. Therefore, as far as Eri knows and believes, she won't present as anything nor will she have a notable scent.

Constantly having to endure this caused her to become afraid of disobeying orders that were given to her out of fear that someone that attempted to get close to her would be hurt. This caused her to grow up being secluded as well and hardly any of the researchers showed her any kind of affection. Thus, she never knew how to smile as she had no experience with being happy. It wasn't until she'd been allowed to interact with other children by researchers that worked at the facility that she began to learn what it was like to have normal interactions. It's how she'd met Kusano and Akira but had to lie and say that she was the child of a researcher there. That's because Eri new full well that the directors of the facility had murderous intents for its employees if they weren't on their side in funding the true research that was going on behind the scenes. Eri chose not to fight back, scream or cry, but instead remains silent because she knew she had no choice but to accept whatever happened to her. But because she was allowed to interact with Kusano and Akira, she was able to know what it was like to have a friend and someone to look out for her even if she personally believes that she can't do the same for others due to being a potential risk to those around her.

However, she didn't want to see anyone hurt because of her and when she discovered that the facility directors had an interest in Kusano, she built up the courage to tell her in hopes that she would maybe tell someone. Instead, it set off the catalyst of events that erupted into the old facility being deliberately destroyed and employees losing their lives, including Kusano and Akira's parents. That is something Eri still blames herself for. She was even afraid to leave when the opportunity presented itself but it was Kusano showing that she was determined to keep her promise to both her and Akira to get them out so they can go some place where they could be safe that allowed her to take the chance. Mind you, she has her fears and guilt about everything and with them being on the run in an unfamiliar surroundings doesn't help either. Akira and Kusano do their best to protect her from harm whenever they are found by someone from Yokai Inc attempting to capture them and take them back to the Yokai Realm. Eri clearly doesn't want to go back but she doesn't want any of them to die either. She'd prefer to sacrifice herself for the sake of her friends as she believes herself to be the company's bigger asset in their research and they know this and wouldn't dare to kill her unless they wish to lose all they worked hard towards in attempting to create.

Occupation: ----

School: ----

Place of Living: Eri is on the run from the people at Yokai Inc and currently wandering the streets of Tokyo, Japan with two other children from the facility: Kusano Yatogami and Akira Yaotome. She along with them, currently reside nowhere until they're found and taken in by someone.

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: My Hero Academia – Eri

Appearance: Eri stands at the height of 3'7” with bluish off-white hair that's messy and unkempt but parted in the middle of her forehead and reaching down to her waist. She also has round bright red eyes. She has very innocent looking appearance and poking from the right side of her forehead is a small brown horn that grows larger when her abilities are activated willingly or by force through experiments. She's never worn normal clothing before and is notably wearing a plain short-sleeved hospital gown which is a pale tan color. She also sports bandages on her arms and legs as she's shown to have numerous scars.

History: Eri Hayase was born in the Yokai Inc research facility in the Yokai Realm that's separated from the human world by an invisible barrier. This is know as the Monster Realm to be more specific and it has schools for monsters to attend, businesses that allows for monsters to get jobs and work along with research and medical facilities. The main facility know in here is Yokai Inc that was intended to be for medical purposes in creating medicines and weapons for monsters. However, behind the scenes, the board of directors and certain researchers were really doing experiments on humans kidnapped from across the world to monsters in the Yokai Realm itself. These individuals were used in order to fashion the purpose of said weapons and the possible future creation of a super monster they can control. This includes forcibly mating two individuals together for this to work, even if they do not desire to be with one another. Such as the case in Eri's birth.

Eri's mother was a regular human Japanese woman who was unsuspectingly taken while on her way home from work. The facility's interest in this woman was due to the fact that she was a rarity of many humans who, while having no powers, presented as two secondary genders: Alpha and Omega. This meant that she could not only get pregnant but also impregnate others. Normally, this would be the case for individuals with powers that causes their secondary gender to fluctuate between two to all three of them but Eri's mother was not such a person. This didn't mean the woman grew up not dealing with the struggles of going through a Heat and Rut at the same time, causing her a great deal of pain. Her family believed that arranging for her to mate with a close friend of the family would help with this. Given that the woman was also born into a Yakuza family, this is also the reason behind that decision. Two Yakuza clans joining forces to give birth to future generations. However, in the case of Eri's mother, it caused more harm to her medically than anything.

No time was wasted in her being kidnapped and taken to the Yokai Realm where they had the ability to forcibly control her Heats and Ruts when they wanted to. They saw the life of a valuable human woman was wasted in the Yakuza life and believed she'd serve more of a purpose to their research. It was here she'd been forced to mate with three different monsters species: an Omega spider woman, a Beta male Ghoul, and an male Alpha dragon. This indicates that Eri isn't the only child by her mother but she is the only child by the Alpha male dragon her mother had been forced to mate with to produce more offspring for their research. None of the children that were born were allowed to be with their parents anymore once they reached a certain age and that meant they were in the hands of the facility's researchers. Eri was also included in this. For only the first year of her life, she'd been allowed to be with her mother who had by the time of Eri's birth had been subjected to so many experiments and forced mating that she was literally a shell of her former self. Having Eri seemed to bring her some form of comfort but the moment she'd been taken from her, she broke down completely. In appearance, Eri didn't resemble either of her parents but the directors of Yokai Inc saw potential in her more than her siblings bred before her that she is unaware of.

They wasted no time in subjected Eri to experiments to determine what her powers and secondary gender could be. The extensive prodding had forcibly caused the activation of her possible dragon abilities and it caused the ones experimenting on her to vanish. The directors were amazed by this as they've never seen a dragon with such a power before. On top of that, she had exceptional healing capabilities but this didn't leave her without any scars. She never knew what it was like to grow up and be a child, only a test subject and a more valuable one compared to her siblings. The only downside is that the experiments and forcibly activating her powers through the small horn on her forehead that stores energy for usage, it seems to have dulled her biology of presenting as any of the three secondary genders. Eri also doesn't display other dragon features like wings or a tail, only the horn. It'd been concluded that she may develop other abilities later as she ages and thus keeps her on a tight leash. The blood in her body can also be used as a weapon which the facility made in the form of bullets to be used to erase any powers of enemies that dare to target the directors and the facility to take them down.

Eri had tried to escape and resist many times only to be recaptured and brought back to Yokai Inc. They believed that the best way to keep her from doing this was to allow her to get familiar with other children. At least, as a way to use her to help them capture their next target of interest which was the daughter of two researchers named Kusano Yatogami. The child showed such promise and her abilities intrigued the directors. They ordered Eri to get to know her to subject her to the same life of experimentation Eri goes through. She didn't want to do it but she accepted her fate as a prisoner of these people that will never let her go. Another child had also been tasked to befriend Kusano as well, a young boy named Akira Yaotome. Eri had never met him personally but she was aware of him, having seen him along with other children going through experiments. Both of them were introduced to Kusano as children to researchers that worked for Yokai Inc and Kusano was all the more happy and glad to have friends her own age she could play with. Eri had no idea what a friend was but it was clear that Kusano was eager to show both of them her powers because she would tell them it made her parents smile that she was able to help them.

Eri, for the first time, knew what it was like to have a “friend” and didn't want to see her captured and experimented on by evil people. As scared as she was, she eventually told Kusano the truth about why she and Akira were allowed to interact with her. Akira didn't like that Eri had done this but Kusano wasn't upset when told and instead extended her hand to both of them with the promise of them all going to someplace safe someday and she would keep that promise and try to help them. Eri and Akira were unsure of this and they had every right to be since they knew they wouldn't be allowed to escape so easily. Kusano told her parents and she wanted them to help her new friends. And because Kusano's parents confronted the directors about what'd been told to them, this set off a domino effect. They first made sure to move everything, including their test subjects to a new building along with employees that were willing to work for their cause and the others were expendable. The destruction of the old facility had been put into place, many losing their lives in the chaos of it all, including Kusano's parents. Eri was frightened and tried to hide during it all but Kusano and Akira managed to find her and Kusano was keeping her promise for them to go someplace safe and to make an escape to the human world thanks to an item that Kusano's father left for her that enabled her to do this.

Despite being unsure, Eri took the chance and left with Kusano and Akira because she didn't want to be experimented on anymore. Unfortunately, this leaves all three of them being on the run and constantly having to hide from agents of Yokai Inc sent to recapture them. Eri feels tremendous guilt for how things turned out and deep down doesn't believe she can ever forgiver herself for any of it. Her first friend lost who she felt were kind and gentle parents that never wanted to hurt anyone. They tried to help save everyone but lost their lives in the end. Kusano tells her not to worry as she's not angry at Eri but Eri doesn't know if she can stop worrying about whether or not Kusano will eventually come to hate her. But not wanting to take her kindness for granted, she would be willing to give herself up and go back with the agents that come after them, if it meant that Kusano and Akira could get away. Eri knew she was more valuable to them and they wouldn't kill her without losing a great asset in the process. However, she knew they weren't above killing Akira and if Kusano didn't comply, they'd more than likely kill her too. The thought of that frightens her so much. Now in the human world, completely unfamiliar to her, the three of them are doing their best to lay low. Eri not being able to fully use her powers properly can only help so much so it's mainly Kusano and Akira fighting the agents off. Eri just wants the nightmare to be over. She just wants to feel safe ...

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Re: Eri Hayase [Unknown]
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2021, 08:01:34 pm »
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