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Author Topic: Himawari Kunogi [Unknown]  (Read 72 times)

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Himawari Kunogi [Unknown]
« on: October 08, 2021, 07:40:30 pm »

"Watanuki-kun and Doumeki-kun are really good friends."

Name: Himawari Kunogi

Alias: Himawari-chan (by Watanuki), Kunogi-san

Date of Birth: November 27th, 2002

Age: 19

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Unknown (presents as an Alpha & Beta)

Character's Scent: Burning Leaves & Ashes (only two distinct scents)

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Japanese

Species: Human

Hobbies: Astrology, Sweets, Playing Piano, Reading (Romance Novels), Ghost Stories

Unnatural Bad Luck - Himawari herself possesses no special abilities of her own but she does possess the curse of being born with bringing bad luck upon others. Wherever she is and whomever she's with, unfortunate things always happen. What makes it worse for her is that she never knows what will happen until she finds out later that something terrible occurred to a close friend or family. This shows that Himawari is more affected by her bad luck than others because she is forced to sit back and watch people she cares about get hurt. This is not something she can turn on or off. It is something she is stuck with for the rest of her life and even one such as Yuuko knows that even if someone were to make a wish to remove Himawari's bad luck, the price for it is too great to do so. Himawari was someone who decided to remain alone until she'd met Watanuki and Doumeki. The only time her bad luck doesn't harm anyone is when Doumeki is around and this is because his own abilities reflect that of a natural pureness that counteracts Himawari's bad luck. Another hint of individuals with pure properties or possibly magic can counteract her bad luck. This is why Himawari is never shown complaining whenever Doumeki appears because she is aware of this but it is only Watanuki who seems oblivious. The only one that isn't affected by her bad luck, is herself. Her bad luck is worse during her time of the months which is why she remains inside, never once thinking of securing comfort to help her during her time of need.

Personality: Himawari is a kind young woman who doesn't mind befriending others despite her situation of being cursed with bad luck. It's hard not to think about sometimes and she does her best not to put anyone in harm's way but she cannot help but want to be close to others as she is tired of distancing herself from them. Her situation may sound bleak but she makes the best of it with her humble and kind personality. She's friendly with just about everyone she comes into contact with and never treats anyone better than another person. She treats everyone the same equally. Just as she would want to be treated. She loves astrology and can be found with a book sometimes while trying to figure out meanings behind astrology sayings and compare them to real life and she also loves sweets. However, she's never made any of them herself and usually buys them from the store, sometimes in a small bulk to share with her friends and classmates. Himawari loves reading romance novels because she desires to find love for herself someday even though it may not be possible if she ends up losing that person in the end because of her bad luck.

She is aware that her close friend Watanuki is in love with her but plays it off by acting completely oblivious to his affection for her. She has some fondness for him but keeps herself emotionally at a distance and preferring the friendship they have. That and the fact that she is aware that Doumeki is in love with him. She feels he would be a better fit for Watanuki than herself for at least he can protect Watanuki from danger while she would only bring danger into his life on a constant basis. She is close friends with the both of them as she is often seen hanging around them a lot of the time. Himawari seems to also have fun telling ghost stories and listening to others tell them. It's safe to say that she possibly likes horror movies and wouldn't be bothered by the blood and gore content within them. One thing about her is that she does play piano because her parents have her taking piano lessons. She doesn't complain about it and she doesn't hate it but it's not something she particularly wishes to do. She is skilled enough to play on a pro-level and has often been scouted by the music club to play at one of their concerts which Himawari politely refuses but appreciates the thought.

Himawari is cursed with not only bad luck but also unnaturally presenting as two secondary genders because of it. This places her in the 1% category of the population in the world that is a female Alpha with a working uterus. Meaning that Himawari, despite being an Alpha has the ability to become pregnant due to also present as a Beta as well. While this isn't a deterrent, since Himawari doesn't mind the idea of having children, the downside of it is her bad luck would affect her partner/mate. Given that she isn't affected by her own bad luck, her bad luck causes problems for others which originally caused her to distance herself from others as a child. It hurt more to believe she was possessed by an evil spirit by her grandmother whom she cared for dearly but these were the woman's last words on her death bed. Words that haunt her to this very day. Watanuki is the only one that is unaware of Himawari's bad luck as opposed to Yuuko and Doumeki who are aware and unaffected by it. But she personally chooses not to say anything about it to not give anyone a reason to avoid her on purpose.

It's not as if she doesn't wish to tell people but she feels she's isolated herself enough and doesn't wish to go back to a life of solitude. Doumeki has stated to her at one point or another that he finds the fact that she won't tell Watanuki about her bad luck to be selfish which deep down she knows it is but doesn't wish to lose their friendship over it. If she can have that, then she's happy. In turn, she can allow Doumeki to have Watanuki as she is aware of his feelings for the other but he chooses not to tell him which she then tells him that that's being selfish. So from time to time, she can have a tendency to meddle in her friend's lives because she knows that Watanuki would be much happier with Doumeki and that he doesn't hate him as much as he lets on. She admittedly also feels jealous that she cannot be with anyone in the same way without somehow losing them in the process.

Despite wanting to find love in her life, she believes it will never happen and that she'll always be alone. So at times when Doumeki avoids Watanuki because he is afraid of being rejected, she cannot help but feel angry at him about it. For he can do something that she is unable to do. Privately, Himawari has spoken to Yuuko about the chances of removing her bad luck but was told that the price of removing it was too great and only someone else can pay it but is never told just how great that price is. Thus, it depresses her more but she hides it behind a smile every day to keep others from worrying about her.

Occupation: Works Part-Time at the Melody Cafe as a Waitress & Cashier

School: Kaibara University | First Year, going for an AS degree in General Studies | Student Body General Affairs Manager

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > Apt B8

Original or Canon: Canon

Face Claim: xxxHolic - Himawari Kunogi

Appearance: Himawari is 5'5" with long curly black hair that stops under her waist that she has worn in two pigtails ever since she was a child, she also has blue eyes. She's seen as a beautiful young girl to others, especially to her close friend Kimihiro Watanuki and she has a slender figure. When she does dress casually, she usually wears one-piece dresses of a single color in different shades. Himawari I

History: Himawari was born as an only child to parents Momo Kunogi (Beta, Female) and Hanta Kunogi (Alpha, Male) who weren't aware in the very beginning that their child would be the cause of so much misfortune. Himawari Kunogi was unfortunately born with unnaturally bad luck that she cannot control and for the first three years of her life, she wasn't aware of it but her grandmother on her father's side had taken notice of a lot of bad things that were happening whenever the child was around. The woman had even taken her to a shrine to see a priest because she felt that her granddaughter was possessed even though she showed no signs of any actual possession being the cause of so many terrible things constantly occurring. The most concerning one was when her ball had ended up in the yard of her grandmother's neighbor and their home soon after that was set on fire. It was a couple with two small children and one of them was Himawari's age and the youngest was still a baby. The baby had died in the fire and because the incident was too painful for them, they moved away, not wanting to be reminded of it.

Himawari didn't understand what could've caused their home to be set on fire but she was saddened that the only friend she was able to make had lost their younger sibling. Smaller events happened before this but Himawari's grandmother feared something more was going on with the child. The priest that Himawari had seen had told both her and her grandmother that she possessed bad luck and there was nothing that could be done to get rid of it. Not easily anyway. Himawari herself was safe from her own bad luck others who didn't have the natural ability to be immune to it, would be affected. It wasn't long after that, her grandmother had died on her which sadden the child greatly because she was so close to the woman but she died saying that her granddaughter was possessed by evil, hinting that she didn't believe bad luck was the cause of behind everything. But Himawari's parents had been made aware of it and did their best to help her despite seeing that their daughter was having a hard time understanding why she was cursed with bad luck and feeling bad that they couldn't do anything about it. But knowing that she is the cause of a lot of horrible things, though unintentional, they were worried and scared for her. At one point, they were scared for themselves but it was determined early on that Himawari's bad luck did not affect her parents.

As she grew older and became more aware of things around her, Himawari began to distance herself away from others despite her desire to want to have a normal life like everyone else but she knew she couldn't have that. More so when she'd became of age and presented as both an Alpha and a Beta which surprised her parents since they knew that all of them within their family were humans and it didn't make sense for Himawari to present as two secondary genders. After further studies, it was discovered that this genetic defect was possibly caused by her unnatural bad luck as it caused her to produce an unnatural scent as well. Not only that, she was even told she had a work reproductive system. Which meant she could become pregnant which children but her Ruts would be dangerous and it was best that she remain indoors during that time. Being able to have children sounded like a relief to anyone, especially female Alphas who would love to carry their own children, Himawari didn't see it that way. Because of her bad luck, this would prevent her from having a partner/mate as they would become affected by it. Which is depressing in itself.

Himawari tried so much to keep her focus off of it by taking interest in things to occupy her time. She's shown to be an intelligent person who loves astrology and definitely reading romance novels because it was her only way she could allow herself to escape and daydream in a sense what it would be like to find someone to love. Her parents thought it would help more by having her take piano lessons. It was hard for something like that to be corrupted by bad luck and as it turns out, Himawari was in fact good at playing it. It's not something she'd desire to do in the future but she was exceptionally good. Her peers in school noticed this and would always encourage her to participate in music concerts with them to which case she'd turn down for personal reasons. Many things have still continued to happen around her but she hides her despair and inner turmoil about it behind a smile because she doesn't want anyone to worry about her by asking personal questions. What they didn't know was for the best as she often felt. But it was during her junior high years where she'd met a young boy named Kimihiro Watanuki who was infatuated with her and always wanted to spend time with her. Himawari didn't mind it at all and enjoyed his company but at times would attempt to distance herself from him despite his efforts in wanting to be alone with her.

She is not oblivious to how Watanuki feels about her, she just chooses to be in order to protect him from getting hurt. Around this time, she wasn't aware that he was plagued by spirits on a regular basis. She didn't find this out until they both began attending Hakoniwa Academy, where the two of them had met fellow classmate Shizuka Doumeki. Watanuki is often irritated by his presence while Himawari is indifferent to it. Mainly because his pure aura is what keeps her bad luck at bay which was surprising that for the first time in years that someone outside of her parents wasn't affected at all by her bad luck. It was a relief to her but she often felt bad that Doumeki was around because Watanuki would always get jealous, believing that she preferred Doumeki over him. Quite the opposite. She treats both of them the same and appreciates their friendship but she purposely tries to keep from getting too close. Doumeki is aware of her bad luck and has commented numerous times that if she indeed does have some feelings for Watanuki, she should tell him rather than keeping it a secret. In other words, he felt that by her not saying anything, she was being selfish.

Himawari admitted that it might be a little selfish but she wasn't the only one that cared about Watanuki. She was fully aware that Doumeki cared about him as well but he is able to be with him and she feels jealous of him because of it. She found it unfair that Doumeki was hiding his feelings from Watanuki and wishes that she was in his shoes rather than being the other way around. These two may have their differences but they are good friends. Himawari is fine with being just friends with Watanuki if nothing else. All three of them now attend Kaibara University together. To this day, she continues to hide her true feelings behind a smile while steadily trying to have somewhat of a normal life while not being able to fully. At this point in time, she's unsure of what she wants to do with her life but she does see herself studying abroad eventually but currently playing university by ear since she has no real idea of what she wants to do that would make her happy. Himawari hopes to eventually discover this at a later date.

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Re: Himawari Kunogi [Unknown]
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