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Author Topic: Karin Maaka [Unknown]  (Read 90 times)

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Karin Maaka [Unknown]
« on: February 23, 2021, 07:46:10 pm »

Name: Karin Maaka

Alias: Karin-chan, Maaka-san

Date of Birth: October 13th, 2007

Age: 16

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Unknown – Beta & Omega

Character's Scent:
Beta – Apple Cinnamon
Omega – Caramel Apple

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Romanian

Species: Psyche Vampire (unaware of this), Unvampire (what Karin believes herself to be)

Hobbies: Cooking, Helping Others, Eating Sweets, Manga & Anime

Blood Production – Karin is what's known as a “Psyche Vampire”. Instead of drinking blood from those she bites, she gives them blood. Doing so takes away a person's unhappiness and provides them with more energy. However, this effect only lasts temporarily as the person immediately returns to being drained and unhappy again in about a week. Karin doesn't like the idea of having to bite someone to release the build-up of blood in her body and as such she suffers frequently from massive nosebleeds that can make an entire area look like a crime scene. It's very rare when she becomes out of control and vicious due to the lack of not releasing the blood. It's more her vampire instincts kicking in with her desire to bite someone but she tries to keep herself in check. Because Karin is a rare breed of vampire that's sought after, this means her blood can be used by other vampires to feed on that includes healing them, awakening powerful ancient vampires, and curing vampire infertility. If she was to be discovered, she'd be drained and killed. Unfortunately, she is unaware of what she is and just thinks she's an “Unvampire”.

Sunlight Immunity – Karin is one of the very few vampire breeds that can walk in the sunlight without being affected by its rays. Since she is a Psyche Vampire, she can walk in both the daytime and nighttime without any problems. This shows she has no weaknesses when it comes to the sun. It has only been hinted that vampires like herself are possibly protected from being harmed through the extra production of blood they have. It is yet to be confirmed.

Limited Senses – Karin lacks having an enhanced sense of smell and hearing that all vampires have. This shows she has basic human hearing and smell. She also only has enhanced sight during the day but she can't see clearly at all at night. Not only that, she doesn't have the ability to summon familiars or having flight. She does possess superhuman strength that allows her to use extra force against someone. In her case, it would only happen when she's lost sense of herself and goes on the offensive to bite someone to release the blood produced in her body. Possession of enhanced strength varies in Psyche Vampires.

Regenerative Properties – Because Karin is a Psyche Vampire, she had high levels of regeneration that can not only be used on herself but for others as well. For herself, it is limited as she has to not have released any blood for larger injuries to her body to heal. Minor injuries aren't an issue as they take no time and don't require much of her energy. As for her blood, it can be used to heal others, it can be used for that with both vampires and humans as well as curing infertility.

Collar – Karin wears a special collar made specifically to keep her safe and hidden from other vampire families that would seek her out and use her as a tool for their benefit. The collar is electronic and can only be removed by the remote that operates it which states in her parent's possession. It's also made to be waterproof. This collar is designed to completely dull her scent to that of other vampires but it can't be entirely erased from being noticed by humans who have no knowledge of Psyche Vampires and what they can be used for.

Personality: Though she doesn't have to, Karin always feels obligated to help those out around her when they're in need. It's her way of showing kindness towards everyone, even if she isn't human. She thinks of everybody as an equal, knowing that she is different from them. Karin even has a knack for cooking which only her sister Anju eats as her parents and older brother Ren find food to be bland to them. Karin has normal hobbies like any young girl her age as she likes to watch anime and read manga in her spare time along with other books and she loves eating sweets. Unlike average vampires, Karin doesn't feed on the blood of humans for nourishment. Instead, she gives blood to humans she bites to relieve herself of the overproduced blood in her body. However, when this happens, it does leave her extremely weak and vulnerable in the process. The reason she avoids biting anyone is that she is scared of Hunters coming after her and her family. Therefore, when she doesn't bite anyone to release the blood, she has massive nosebleeds frequently which also leaves her weak and vulnerable.

Being unaware that she is a Psyche Vampire, she is put at a huge disadvantage if she were discovered, thus the reason behind her wearing the specialized collar made for her to block her scent. Karin believes it to be a regular collar that Omegas wear to keep from being harassed by Alphas, which further shows she's no clue that her very life is in danger if she were to remove it. Only her parents are in control of the remote to it. Even without others knowing what type of vampire she truly is, Karin herself is often pretty scared she'd be placed in the line of fire of being attacked. Thus she tries her hardest to be careful when around others. As a person, Karin is friendly but her avoidance can often come across to others as her being shy. She's also very forgetful, being only able to think of one thing at a time and if she becomes distracted, she immediately forgets something she was supposed to do or something someone said to her. It is only speculation but it is assumed that it's due to the overproduction of blood in her body that causes it. She has no real views or opinions regarding the societal system that many families tend to follow that gives them that sense of entitlement to push what they feel onto their offspring. Karin just sees everyone as an equal and doesn't wish to be a burden to anyone. She'd rather make friends than have enemies.

Occupation: Works part-time as a Waitress at the Melody Cafe

School: Hakoniwa Academy | Tenth Grade

Place of Living: Karin currently lives with her family in a large house located in the secluded land in the district of Shinagawa.

Original or Canon: Canon

Face Claim: Chibi Vamipre – Karin Maaka

Appearance: Karin is 5'4'' with short maroon colored hair, reddish-brown eyes, and a peach-pale skin complexion. Although Karin gets her looks from her father's side of the family (she is the spitting image of her paternal grandmother, Elda Marker) she has inherited an ample bosom from her mother. Karin is mostly seen wearing her girls’ uniform of the school she attends but for casual attire, she wears either skirts or dresses with sandals and tennis shoes. She even wears a waitress’s outfit when working at her job. Karin I & Karin II

History: Karin Maaka is descended from a different family line of vampires, the most notable are the Marker and Armash families. That said, Karin and her siblings share features reminiscent of their deceased family members from both sides, Karin being the spitting image of her grandmother from her father's side Elda Marker, minus the fact that she inherited her chest size from her mother. She is the daughter of Henry (Omega) and Calera Marker (Alpha) and the two of them had three children: Ren Maaka (Alpha), Karin Maaka (Beta & Omega), and Anju Maaka (Beta). The rest of Karin's family except Anju have no qualms about drinking blood from humans as it is their nature as vampires. However, Karin isn't like most vampires. Instead of suffering from lack of blood with plagues normal vampires, she suffers from the overproduction of blood. This is due to her affinity species being that of a Psyche Vampire which her mother later learned from her father and was urged to protect Karin at all costs. Psyche Vampires are blood-producing vampires that are used as slaves and tools by noble vampire families and when Calera was presented with this information, she and her husband made sure to do what they can to keep her safe. Karin herself isn't aware of this and thinks of herself as an “Unvampire” because she doesn't understand why she's different from her two siblings.

Unfortunately, she does fear the idea of coming into contact with Hunters that kill vampires and other non-human beings so instead of biting someone, she tries to hold the blood in only for it to be released in the form of a nosebleed. This usually happens when she doesn't bite anyone to get rid of the excess blood. This physical anomaly also enables her to walk unharmed in sunlight as well. That said, she can attend school and hold down a job. Being a Psyche Vampire does come with the lack of the usual vampiric traits normal vampires possess, putting Karin at a disadvantage in a fight. It's why she tries so hard to be careful to not bite anyone. Even if someone is willing to allow her to bite them, she would simply refuse to do it. Doing this too often has caused her to enter a berserk-like mindset. This happened when she was a child as she aggressively sought after any target for blood injection, which is where her enhanced strength comes into play. Now that she's a teenager, she can better keep her mind grounded. When she does bite someone, they're injected with her blood, which lacks both blood-typing antibodies and antigens. The new concentration of erythrocytes, or red blood cells, in the victim, allows them more energy and thus takes away their unhappiness.

This is about as much knowledge that Karin has but is unaware that she is considered a rare gem in the vampire community. It was for this reason that her parents were mated but not even they were aware of the true reason until much later. Given there is very little knowledge about recent Psyches born outside of the Progenitor Sophia Pistis, Karin is heavily protected by her family. Despite these misfortunes, Karin continues to act like your typical and average teenager. She's friendly, hyper, and becomes easily embarrassed. Her face is always flustered constantly when she gets nervous, excited or it's a sign she's suffering from one of her nosebleeds again. On some occasions, she likes reading manga and watching anime as well. She's made lots of friends with others even with them knowing she's a vampire and they aren't afraid of her. Karin likes that she doesn't have to hide who and what she is because she doesn't want to end up alone. She's is most happy when around her friends and her family who can be overbearing at times but she loves them. It shows she's close with her younger sister Anju who serves as her protector but can only do it to an extent. While she can travel outside just like herself, Anju's drained of her energy when it's cloudy or dusk outside. Thus her reason for carrying a parasol is to block out the sun.

She has told her sister she wants to make sure she's safe and will protect her as long as she feels she can. Karin was confused by these words her sister spoke but appreciated that her little sister wanted to protect her since Karin possesses no fighting capabilities whatsoever. Meanwhile, Karin's main focus is school and working at the Melody Cafe to eventually save up for a place to move out on her own. She doesn't want to depend on her family protecting her forever and she knows leaving would make her sister unhappy. So she wants to get a place the both of them can live in together so she wouldn't have to worry about her. Karin doesn't focus heavily on the idea of finding a mate like her classmates but this doesn't mean she hasn't been approached by a lot of her male peers for her beauty and her cooking skills, which everyone, including girls enjoy. It embarrasses her so much but it is clear she currently has no known romantic interests. Karin would like to graduate from Hakoniwa Academy and attend university which is something she is working hard to strive towards. For she's unwilling to let the troubles she's going through keep her down.

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Re: Karin Maaka [Unknown]
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