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Author Topic: Yoshika Kishino [Unknown]  (Read 83 times)

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Yoshika Kishino [Unknown]
« on: October 15, 2021, 08:54:31 pm »

"Insulting my family warrants death! Remember that!"

Name: Yoshika Kishino

Alias: Yoshi (for short), Yoshi-chan, Princess Yoshi (OnlyFans name), Crimson Demon (fighting opponents/enemies)

Date of Birth: February 15th, 2001

Age: 21

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Unknown - Presents as Alpha & Beta

Character's Scent: Yoshika's scents release more of an aphrodisiac affect, this affect is stronger during her Rut)

Green Tomato Leaf & Mandarin (Alpha)
Green Tomato Leaf & Jasmine (Beta)

Sexuality: Bisexual (biological men & women only)

Race: Japanese American

Species: Human ¼ (birth) & Demon ¾ (thru family heritage)

Hobbies: Training, Protecting her friends & family, Cosplaying & Modeling, Teasing her cousins Usegi & Jacob, Being playful with others, Following the rules (technically an enforcer and snitch within reason)

Kendo Expert – Much like her brother, Yoshika too is an expert at kendo as she has in the ways of being able to wield a sword. She is on equal par with her brother being able to effectively use different katana effectively no matter their size or weight. It is when she taps into her hidden demon blood that she becomes much stronger in a fight and can take down stronger opponents despite her stature which she is often mocked and underestimated. She prefers to use wooden swords and would only use a real one unless it was necessary. Therefore, she is hardly ever seen walking around with one on her person.

Martial Arts Expert – Her martial arts skills only exceed a profound level that surpasses her brothers when she taps into the demon blood within her. As such, her moves become much faster, allowing her to strike her opponents without so much as missing. Backflips, kicking, and punching moves seem to be Yoshika's specialty. However, she's not above dislocating someone's arm or leg should they set off her anger.

Expert Tactician – Yoshika has proven to be an excellent tactician because of her profound intellect and ability to handle unexpected difficulties calmly without throwing herself or others during a fight to get hurt by running off emotions. She examines a situation thoroughly before making the appropriate move. She tries to at least be three steps ahead of her opponent.

Demon Power – Yoshika shows the common powers of a low-level demon despite not being born a demon but the blood that makes up her family that allows them to be able to wield the Seven Kishino Family swords gives them the advantage as it requires one possessing demon blood to be able to wield them. She also possesses low-level healing capabilities, teleportation, and low-level spellcasting.

Enhanced Strength – Having ¾ demon blood enhances her strength more compared to that of an average person. She can lift things that are obviously too heavy for her to pick up with relative ease and tries to be careful not to overdo it. This strength also helps her in a fight because it allows her to take down her opponents easily on top of the extra skills that she possesses. Unlike her brother, this strength doesn't work against her but like any human, if she over-exerts herself, she'll drain her strength and it would take hours for her to recharge.

Spells – Yoshika can use fire-based magic spells as this is the area she is most skilled in. These spells also allow her to wield the "Kashagiri Hiromitsu" of the Kishino family swords that are within their possession. One fire spell that Yoshika frequently uses is called the "Flame Arrow" as she summons fire from the palms of her hands to form a bow and arrow made from fire. When the arrow is released, it splits into multiple arrows engulfed in fire and enables her to attack multiple enemies at once. She's also able to summon a magic circle in the air above her that releases powerful fireballs that rain down in an entire area.

Kashagiri Hiromitsu – This sword is one of the seven Kishino Swords that is in the possession of Yoshika's family. It uses the element of fire that increases offensively in power. It is sealed inside Yoshika's middle fingernail. This sword is also the largest out of the seven swords but not the most powerful. Because of Yoshika's use of fire magic, she can wield this sword effectively, making flames engulf around the entire blade whenever she intends to use it.

Personality: Up close, Yoshika to many, displays a cold-hearted exterior when in fact she does have a playful side to her that is normally seen around her brother and her cousins. It is around them that she can be herself and not hide who she is or what she does for a living. They may have questions and concerns but they don’t shame her for her choices. Like her twin brother Ryoichi and her cousin Jacob, she was also trained by her parents in kendo and martial arts. So if she needs to, she can defend herself and protect others. She isn’t someone that would go out to challenge the strongest person the way her brother does with their cousin. She’d prefer to maintain a close relationship with her cousins and other relatives that didn’t involve pushing them away. However, when she isn’t around any of them, Yoshika does maintain a serious demeanor about everything, especially when it comes to her grades in school. She always stayed at the top of her classes and didn’t believe in slacking off on her studies. This also coincides with her following the rules. She never had an issue doing so but there was always that issue of reporting those who often broke them.

This didn’t earn her very many friends and it’s not as if Yoshika did it out of spite either. She did it knowing that if she saw someone doing something they knew was stupid and the outcome was clearly not going to be a good one for them or anyone else involved, she’d make sure to have it handled before it takes off. In her eyes, it was for the protection of her peers. Even if they felt they didn’t believe they would make anything out of themselves once they finished school, Yoshika was an optimist that saw otherwise. Everything depended on the actions that one took to get themselves to where they wanted to go. And they can’t do that by making stupid mistakes and decisions. She often has to be reminded by her brother and Jacob that some people can’t be helped and won’t always understand reason. Stop trying to help everyone. This side of her will take a while to disappear but being a playful and then a serious rule-following woman isn’t the only thing about her. Yoshika actually enjoys cosplaying and modeling. This is something she got into when she was introduced to anime and manga by her cousin Usegi. She loved the awesome outfits and designs that these characters wore and decided from that point on, this is what she wanted to do.

At one point, she did desire to possibly take over her family’s dojo which is why she kept up with her training every day. Yoshika still does this but instead has decided to let go of this to pursue what she feels is a much more fun passion and allow her brother to take over instead. This doesn't mean she won't fight to protect those she cares about. Yoshika isn't above punishing anyone mercilessly should they harm her loved ones or innocent people. And she will retain this strength and will without taking over the family dojo. Her parents don’t approve of her decision, especially because of the direction she went in. Yoshika decided to become an OnlyFans Model. And she gains a lot of attention from viewers by asking them what they would like to see her cosplay in. She feels she doesn’t have to be completely naked or have sex with anyone on camera to sell herself and make income and is doing fine with just this. Of course, she also has the quirky habit of sleeping in the nude but that’s only because she feels clothes are restricting to wear when she’s sleeping. Yoshika has often been subjected to constant criticism for her choice in career. It isn’t the most ideal but she enjoys it. However, she understands the stigma behind it as most who do use OnlyFans do use it to display nudity or sexual intercourse with others. She isn’t one to judge. This discovery of her work does hinder her from making friends that aren’t looking to seek her out for sex which they usually regret it upon discovering that’s not what she’s into.

Occupation: OnlyFans Model

School: ----

Place of Living: Lives in a spacious one bedroom apartment in the district of Shibuya

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: High School D x D - Rias Gremory

Appearance: Yoshika is a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous body, white skin, blue eyes. Her height is also 5’8”, making her a very tall young woman. Her most distinctive feature is her long, beautiful crimson hair which she also inherited from her father, that reaches down to her thighs with a single hair strand sticking out from the top. Her hair also has loose bangs covering her forehead and side bangs framing her face. Yoshika tends to wear seductive lingerie and thongs under her clothing and owns a dominatrix outfit in her closet that no one has seen her wear. Including her OnlyFans viewers. Yoshika sports a lot of casual yet sexy outfits that show off her body from head to toe, from her face to her large D-cup-sized breasts, to her smooth legs. She is fully aware that she is both admired by many and envied by others. Yoshika I

History: Yoshika was born alongside her twin brother Ryoichi (Alpha) to their American mother Donna Kishino (Beta, Female) and father Yoshida Kishino (Alpha, Male). Her mother is also the twin sister to Yoshika's aunt Danielle and their cousins. Unlike her twin cousins, Jacob and Usegi who were fraternal twins, Yoshika, and her brother are not fraternal. They appear almost similar in appearance but they are easy to tell apart. She was born into the Kishino Clan that originated in Kyoto, an Onmyouji clan that follows Buddhist teachings along with martial arts & kendo practices as well as demon exorcising. Each member of the clan also is known for having demonic genes in their blood and high magic aptitude compared to normal humans. They developed their own style of swordsmanship and magic, resulting in the creation of the Onmyoudou. They are rivaled by another clan known as Azo. The rivalry between the two clans was made known, especially because the Kishino clan decided over the years to incorporate western knowledge into their teachings and the Azo clan looked down on them for it. Different members of the past within the clan were also known for having a hunger for power and knowledge which led to many disastrous events that tore the clans apart. This knowledge was taught to both Yoshika and her brother who show no shame in opening their minds to learning more. Yoshika especially who at the time was shown to be a dutiful and calm daughter while her brother was more erratic and reckless but willing to learn all the same.

During every training session with her father, be it martial arts, kendo, magic, and more information about their family legacy, Yoshika listened, paid attention, and worked hard to sharpen her skills and form. This attention to detail is how she learned that members of her family would always possess a quarter of demon blood within them. And this would allow them to wield one or sometimes two of the legendary Kishino Seven Swords as their own. These were a set of seven katana with fearsome powers. These weapons were forged by the Kishino Clan with the tradition of appointing each of the katana to a clan member house for keepsake and power balance. Each member had a story that fascinated Yoshika to hear, no matter the actions were taken during those troubling times of years past, right or wrong, she wanted to know everything about their family history and train her hardest to effectively protect the family and innocent people. This mentality was even shown when she began attending school. However, this didn’t gain her any favors with her peers who disliked the idea of her not only following the rules all the time which made her a star student on top of her already excelling grades, but she would always “tattle” on her peers to teachers whenever she saw them doing things they shouldn’t.

All of them assumed she did this out of spite because they believed they were beneath her. It was quite the opposite in fact. Yoshika never did it to spite anyone. She was only following the teachings that her father had taught her when it came to the rules and honesty. Follow the rules, always be honest. That is something she wholeheartedly put into practice but it was this very practice that was costing her friends. Yoshika never felt that she could truly be herself around others and she was only able to do so around her brother and her cousins on her mother’s side. It was quite common in their family for twins to be born and she always found comfort in that with her cousins Jacob and Usegi who were twins just like her and her brother. She was kind to them, playful, and teasing with them as well. It also felt nice to be treated like a normal person, especially when she became of age and presented her secondary gender. However, instead of presenting as one, she presented as two of them: Alpha & Beta. It wasn't an uncommon trait within the Kishino clan but it was something that didn't happen to offspring very often. To make sure she would not have any complications in the future with her body, her parents made sure to have her examined by their family doctor.

Presenting as two secondary genders to Yoshika's parents didn't sound as if it would be fun so they wanted to ensure that their daughter would be fine. Which according to the results, she would be. She wouldn't have painful Ruts compared to that of an average Alpha and the Beta side would calm her Alpha side down. Though they also discovered that Yoshika fell into the 1% category of the population as an Alpha woman with a working uterus. Meaning, she can become pregnant but she couldn’t impregnate someone else. The doctor believed this was possible due to the Beta side and possibly the demon blood she inherited. On top of that, her scent had a strong aphrodisiac effect on those around her compared to that of anyone who releases their scent. Which meant, she had to be extremely careful wherever she went. That was understandable so from that point on, Yoshika made sure to always take her medication to prevent any mishaps from occurring as well as continuing to focus on her training and her studies. She wasn't going to allow something she found to be minor in her mind, to hold her back. Plus, she always enjoyed the training.

It was only her brother that would ruin it by wanting to challenge Jacob to see which of them was the better fighter and proving once and for all that Alphas were better than Omegas and that as an Omega, he should learn his place. That was something Yoshika didn’t care about. However, she had a feeling that her brother was only acting this way because she openly stated that once she finished school, she was going to take over the family dojo. An opportunity she knew her brother strove for but because of his personality and how he carries himself, both of their parents agreed Yoshika would be the better candidate with her brother working with her. This made her feel bad because she knew that her brother was upset when told this. It made him feel inferior compared to her which is why he worked harder to prove himself to their parents. Yoshika felt as if she’d put a strain between her and her brother and so she’d decided to dabble into other things to do as hobbies to occupy her time. Maybe hoping that she would discover something else she’d want to do instead of taking over the family dojo.

It was then she was introduced to anime and manga by her cousins as well as characters from other properties not related to them that Yoshika was in awe of the art style and the costumes that the characters wore. This is also when she learned of what cosplay was and even if she didn’t know the character’s backstories from the series they came from, she loved their outfits and wanted to dress up in those very same outfits and model in them. The older she became, it’d become prominent that while many were stand-offish due to how she carried herself, it wasn’t hard to take notice of the fact that she was definitely admired for being a very beautiful young woman. So she’d begun experimenting by wearing more revealing clothing to garner attention. This was something she found that allowed her to escape from her troubles and take her mind off of them for a while. Eventually, that time had come when she’d reach the end of her school days and her parents were preparing her to take over the dojo but Yoshika made it clear right then and there that she’d decided not to do this. It was no longer something she wanted to do. It was something she thought she wanted to do but it didn’t make her feel happy inside. She didn’t find the idea of it to be fun. Her parents were confused by this decision, especially when she said she was fine with Ryoichi taking over the dojo, for it was something he always wanted and worked hard for.

As for what Yoshika had decided to do, it was simple yet basic but it was an easy way to earn some fast cash. Yes, Yoshika decided to do OnlyFans, but not in the same way that many on the website use it for. She is an OnlyFans Model. Meaning she’s willing to wear revealing clothing and poses for pictures to upload onto her page. She is unwilling to do more than that. She seeks out the input of her viewers who don’t know her personally and always asks for feedback and ideas on what she should model/cosplay in. There are always the strays that try to request for her to do more but she immediately blocks them. This includes anyone in Japan that does find out she does OnlyFans and thinks that she is nothing more than a sex worker, only for her to prove them wrong by almost breaking their hands or arms when they attempt to touch her. Her parents don’t approve of this and want her to stop doing it because of the stigma the website has. Not everyone wants to sell themselves sexually for money. The decision to do OnlyFans amuses her brother, confuses her cousin Usegi and Jacob pretends to not care or question it from time to time. But most of the time, he shows he doesn’t care as long as she isn’t getting herself hurt, why should he tell her what to do.

However, both he and her brother do tell her often that she does have to stop trying to look out for people who don’t want her help. Indicating that she still follows the rules and the honest mentality still remains with her. It’s clear that Yoshika isn’t someone who is serious all day, every day. Only when she needs to be but she is willing to open up to those who can see past her structured upbringing and wish to be friends with them. She also hopes they won’t judge her for what she does for work either. She makes a decent amount of income and is in the top 10 of the most famous women on the website that have the most views and earn the most money. It’s not something she cares about but there are those that do. But this is what makes her happy and she enjoys doing it. As for her training, Yoshika continues to put in as much work to become stronger to protect her family and others. So much so, that her skills have allowed her the ability to wield one of the Seven Kishino Swords that she is able to summon at will whenever she feels she needs to use it. It isn't often but considering many strange things tend to happen around the city, she is always mindful that there will always be someone out there trying to hurt others and she will be there to stop them.

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Re: Yoshika Kishino [Unknown]
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2022, 05:08:16 pm »

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